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doubleTwist Corporation is a digital media company founded by Monique Farantzos andJon Lech Johansen. It is backed by Index Ventures (Skype, Last.FM) and Northzone Ventures.

The doubleTwist application enables users to send photos and videos to their friends and sync their media library to a wide variety of portable devices.[1]

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DoubleTwist Media Player is available across many platforms. A free download is available on the company's homepage. It looks similar to Apple's iTunes media player, but with a few subtle differences (such as the location of the album artwork).

DoubleTwist Media Player is an application available for phones running the Google Android software stack. This easy to use software is directly compatible with Apple's iTunes as well as Windows Media Player, allowing users to sync movies, pictures, music, and playlists to their mobile device through USB. The software, free of charge, is available in the Android Market. As of 16 November 2012, doubleTwist Media Player is in version 1.8.5 and has between 10,000,000 and 50,000,000 downloads.[2]

AirSync is an additional application that runs through DoubleTwist Media Player allowing for wireless media syncing using a shared wificonnection. It is available in the Android Market for $4.99. It is not required for media syncing. Once the Android device and a computer are on the same wireless network, the software is paired to the device using a unique 5 digit code. During a given media sync, the screen lock is disabled and media cannot be accessed through DoubleTwist Media Player until completed

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