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Ca Seng Mak

Amanda Teodorsson

Delta Airlines

Vision Statement:

As a flyer, Delta has a vision for future to be the best in the world and put their stakeholders stay tied to each other. – Mak and Amanda.

“Keep Climbing.” –Delta Airlines, Inc.

Mission Statement:

Delta always forms a positive and creative local and globe change to his employees, customers, and communities’ partners, insisted to optimizing standards of living and environment where integrate Delta and his communities live and work together. – Mak and Amanda

“To continuously create value through an inclusive culture by leveraging partnerships and serving communities where we live and work.” Delta Airline, Inc.

SWOT Analysis:

| Helpful | Harmful |

Internal | * Strong Management * Supply Chain (Innovation) * Size Advantage(Innovation) * Cost Advantages (Promotions) * Customer Loyalty ( Brands) | * Customer Service * Tarnished Reputation * High Debt Burden * High Staff Turnover * Weak Brand (Domestic Airlines Service) |

External | i. Online Market ii. New Service iii. New Technology iv. International Expansion v. Emerging Market( Network) | i. Bad Economy ii. Intense Competition ( Other Airlines) iii. Government Regulations iv. Political Risk (Lobbying) v. Substitute Product (Competitors) |

Can Delta’s vision and mission change the consumer behaviors especially Retired US Residents?

Regarding the retired populations increased in US, Delta’s vision and mission have showed insight into the change of immigration and human movement issue. Actually, majority US residents would like to move to south after they retired since the terrible lake effect weather stress their entire life and they are willing to have some warm in the rest of their life. It does fit up to...