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Hi All-

Here’s a sample of an excellent SA based on the Wal-Mart case from the 12th edition of the text. It is extremely well-written with excellent discussion and analysis demonstrating a superior level of business knowledge across the spectrum. It is superbly formatted and complete in all respects with regard to required discussion and exhibits.

Use this as a guide and sample. Do not copy words or ideas from this paper as that would be plagiarism.

I am providing this to help you get organized properly so you can produce an acceptable SA document. Note the correct paragraphing structure.

You should also look over the poor SA on Starbucks. You will see the obvious difference in professionalism.

This excellent SA was prepared by Shelly Hicks, a student in my Sep 11 BUS 480 course.

There may be some margin, spacing and layout problems that I caused since I had to cut and paste all the exhibits into this one document. Exhibits are also not listed in the Table of Contents because Ms Hicks originally submitted each exhibit as a separate attachment in the Doc Sharing.



S Roop

Wal-Mart Strategic Audit

Faculty Advisor:

Steven L. Roop


Shelly Hicks

National University

September 24, 2011

Wal-Mart is the number one retailer in the United States. Geographical growth opportunities are shrinking within the boundaries of the United States. The company needs to evaluate multiple options to determine the best strategy to deploy. The challenge is “keeping the world’s biggest retailer on its phenomenal roll and delivering the huge sales and earnings increases that investors had come to expect from Wal-Mart over the years” (Camerius & Hunger, p. 19-30, 2006).

The company’s current strategic plan is to thrive in the following areas:

• Low costs, high customer service, and always low prices

• Product mix

• Logistics and supply-chain management

• International markets

• Domestic growth

• Public relations