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Your personal information is more than your name, address and Social Security number. It includes your shopping habits, driving record, medical diagnoses, work history, credit score and much more. The right to privacy refers to having control over this personal information. It is the ability to limit who has this information, how this information is kept and what can be done with it. Former Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis once stated “The person's right to privacy is most valued by civilized men." This quote has been challenged since the inception of digital information technology. The truth is fighting to protect your privacy in the digital world is becoming extremely challenging. Sure, there are any number of technologies, techniques and work-arounds you can employ, all in the effort to protect your privacy. But the reality is, as consumers increasingly use the Internet and the seemingly unlimited options for collecting, saving, and sharing data, their privacy is exposed with every click.

Products are being developed daily will that allow an individual to research citizens’ private data. Technologies such as Bluetooth, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Google (Internet) are three of many that are widely used to collect and store data. Citizens, businesses and the government alike must identify the advantages and disadvantages of such technologies and ensure proper measures and laws are in place to protect privacy of personal information.

Generally speaking, technology is the process by which humans modify nature and the environment to meet their needs and wants. As stated earlier Bluetooth, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Google (Internet) are three of most widely used technologies used to collect and store data.

In recent years, Bluetooth has emerged as a revolutionary technology for wireless communication between devices. Bluetooth technology may access via wireless headsets, in-car connection, computer syncing and several other uses....