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The following is a brief year-end progress/status report summarizing the author's evaluation of the state of things as of late November 2012. It is based on the Three Point Marketing Program/Strategy that is defined

in some detailon pages 1 to 2 of the IDID Management Report entitled " Product Profile and Marketing Srategy"

1. Corporate Sponsorship Program

Progress to date (20%)

This program has been actively pursued by Sterence Inc. since early October 2012.

More than 10 customized and/or one-to-one letters have been seent out to individuals at companies and organizations that have been identified as prime target through extensive internet and telephone research.

Each letter involves both initial and follow-up telephone calls (often more than one) in order to identify the appropriate addressee and to determine to what extentthe recipient organization is interested in the

poster. To date, the primary targeted individuals/companies have been governmen departments/agencies, addiction/rehab/treatment centers, educational product distributors, and " hot leads" picked up from news reports


Current Status

Least job remains to accomplish the job. The approval and/assistance and support from the individual/organization which has already the letters and request.

2. Master Distributor Program

Progress to-date (30%)

This program has already been started/ inagurated during late October, although not fully implemented all through out. There were plans to print ads on fliers and posters; also ads on radio to try to attract some master distributor candidates.

Current Status

More financial and human resources are required to properly implement this program. follow-up needs to be timely, vigorous and relentless.

3. Distribution Agent Program

Progress to-date (50%)

This program is halfway to its succes in distribution. Accordingly, many traditional distributors have been contracted by letter and telephone. Those contracted were targeted as a result...