Target Marketing

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Target Marketing

Almira Mekezhanova

Robert Morris University

Professor Schnurr


October, 7th

Under 18 years old

As defined by national legislation and advertising standards “advertising to children” is the act of marketing and advertising of products to children. Advertising to children causes a lot debate and discussion, because children are a market that could be easily influenced. Therefore governments of most countries framed advertizing for children by a mix of legislation and advertising regulations.

DGP (Data Generating Process)

According to the graph above prepared by U.S. census Bureau, in 2008, 24.3% of U.S. population is people under 18 years old, making approximately 74 million children under age of 18 years. The age distribution of the population has shifted significantly in the past several decades. The percentage of the population that is under 18 fell from 28.2% in 1980 to 24.3% in 2008.

The shifting racial/ethnic makeup of the child population (under 18 years) reflects the increasing diversity of the population as a whole. Hispanic children represented fewer than 9% of children in 1980, compared to nearly 22% in 2008, and the proportion of children who are Asian/Pacific Islander increased from less than 2%to 4.4% during the same period. The percentage of children who are Black has remained relatively steady over the same period, around 15%. However, the percentage of children who are non-Hispanic White has fallen significantly, from 74.3% in 1980 to 56.2% in 2008.

Media use

Children nowadays are highly exposed to technology. Most of them have cell phones and computers, which means access to the internet. Teenagers use internet on daily basis, not only for doing homework, but for their entertainment as well.

Today’s media environment is very different from just a generation ago. Children use a variety of technologies to access media from many different sources and in many different ways. It is certain that...