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Topic :

The impact of text messaging to interpersonal relationships of teenagers.

Research problem :

Is text messaging helpful in the improvement of teenagers' interpersonal relationships or is it more of a cause for miscommunication among peers?

Background of the Study:

Merry Christmas. The first message sent using the short message service or more commonly known as SMS. On the 3rd day of December of the year 1992, Neil Papworth, a 22 year-old test engineer for Sema Group in UK, sent the very first SMS using a computer to the phone of Richard Jarvis. From then on companies have started to offer commercial phone to phone text messaging services and soon enough, cross-network SMS functionality.

Objective :

The objective of this research is to, first, define the roles of text messaging in teenagers' lives. This should include the definition of text messaging and the reasons that teenagers patronize text messaging despite the known negative effects it has on their relationships, and. The second objective is to state and explain the negative and positive outcomes that text messaging has on teenagers' interpersonal relationships. The second objective includes the effects of text messaging on teenagers' social, romantic and self relationships.


This study will benefit teenagers by gaining more information on the mode of communication everyone widely use everyday. Also, teenagers may benefit from this research by better understanding of possible reasons why some relationships fail due to miscommunication brought on by text messaging. Furthermore, this research will give more knowledge to the reader about the possible effects, negative and positive, of text messaging on anyone's life. It can also be beneficial to teachers and parents by further understanding the reasons that teens would choose text messaging over other forms of communication. By understanding these reasons, it can lead to better understanding of a teenager. Moreover, this...

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