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Walmart - High cost of low prices


* 5 members of the Walton family are in the top 10 for richest people in the world.

* Receive Subsidies from towns to open in their town

* Chicago they receive tiff money

* Don’t buy American products

* Walmart is a monopoly and ran out other monopolies to get to where they are

* Opposed to unions, does everything it can to stop the unions from coming in legal or illegally

* They intimidate employees, put up cameras, have management follow employees around store, get new employees to dilute votes for the union.

* Throughout US walmart received 1.008 billion dollars through subsides

* In Illinois alone 100 million in subsides

* Imported 18 billion dollars from china

* 189 thousand women from Bangladesh that sew for walmart

* Lee Scott in 2005 27,207,799 and the walmart employ made almost 14,000 in a year

* In 2004 the Walton family gave less the 1% of their wealth to charity while bill gates gave 58%

* Big Box

Ruining lives for family owned businesses

* Hunter family- 43 years of business run out by walmart

* Esry family- Run out by walmart with no help from the town

* “destroy free enterprise and run out ma and pa stores.


* Unpaid wages

* Different Lawsuits are in 31 states for wage and other cases

* Illegal immigrate case

* Women

* EPA violations

* 80% of crime happens in their parking lots and they’ve done nothing

* Walmart protects their property but not their customers

* Many communities have successfully fought against letting walmart come into their town

Walmarts Employees

* Charging 75 dollars per payday for medical insurance

* Try to keep employees part time so they cant receive benefits

* Employees should seek federal benefits Section 8, Food stamps, WIC, Healthy kid, Medicaid *cost California tax payers 86 million dollars for the walmart employees on public aid


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