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Chapter 5

Medical Studies at the University of Santo Tomas (1877-1882)

Medical Studies @ the UST (1877-1882)

After finishing the first year of course in Philosophy and letters (1877-78), he transferred to the medical course.

As a Thomasian, he won more literary laurels, had other romances with pretty girls, and fought against Spanish students who insulted the brown Filipino students.

Mother Opposition to Higher Education

After Graduating with the highest honors from Ateneo, Rizal had to go to the University of Santo Tomas for higher studies.

Don Francisco and Paciano wanted Jose to pursue higher learning in the university.

Dona Teodora opposed:

“Don’t send him to Manila again; he knows enough. If he gets to know more, the Spaniards will cut off his head.”

Jose Rizal himself was surprised why his mother, who was a woman of education and culture, should object to his desire for a university education.

Rizal Enters the University

 In April 1877, Rizal who was 16, matriculated at UST, taking the course on Philosophy and Letters.

 two reasons for taking the course:

1. his father liked it

2. he was “still uncertain as to what career to pursue”

 He wrote to Father Pablo Ramon, Rector of the Ateneo, asking for advice on the choice of a career. But the Father Rector was then in Mindanao so that he was unable to advise Rizal.

 Two reasons for studying medicine:

1. Ateneo Rector’s advice is to study medicine

2. to be able to cure his mother’s growing blindness.

Finishes Surveying course in Ateneo (1878)

 during the 1st term in UST, he also studied in Ateneo and took up vocational course leading to the title of Perito Agrimensor (Expert Surveyor)

 at age 17, he passed the final examination in the surveying course, but could not be granted title because he was below age.

 he frequently visited Ateneo because of his loyalty

 the professors in Ateneo loved him and inspired him to ascend to greater heights of knowledge.

 he was...