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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Normal Lan Vs. Wireless Lan
sufficient for home Internet connection sharing and file sharing, but generally not sufficient for home LAN gaming. The greater mobility of wireless LANs helps
multiple telephone lines, in-home LAN connections, in-house video and home offices are provided herein. Wiring Specifications for Homes Wiring Solution Outline
Bulgaria And Internet
and ISDN – 10% ADSL - 10% Cable – 30% UTP-at-Home (LAN) – 50% Main places for internet access are at home (40%) and at work (28%). Internet clubs and internet
Computer Network
hub lebih dulu, PC-HUB, maka kita gunakan STRAIGHT. jika kita hendak menghubungkan 2 LAN maka HUB-HUB kita gunakan CROSS, kita juga bisa gunakan STARIGHT jika pada

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Dave, Jerome, and Thomas were sitting in the common room of their campus suite (two sleeping rooms, a bathroom, and a small common area) staring at $150 piled up on the coffee table. Selling last semester’s books back to the bookstore had been a good idea. As they waited for their other roommate Phil to come home, Dave said, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we could network our notebooks? Then we could play Ultra Super Robot Kill-Fest in team mode!” Jerome pointed out it would be even more useful if they could all have access to Dave’s laser printer because he owned the only one. “And Jerome’s always bugging me to use my scanner when I’m trying to sleep,” remarked Thomas. “And I can’t believe the only high- speed internet connection is out here in the common area!” The three roommates ran down the hall and rapped on your door looking for some guidance. Write a paper explaining to your friends how they can set up their network. Some things you might want to consider in writing your paper include:

• The minimum cost to set up a wireless network

• How to check whether the computers have wireless network adapters, and if not, what are the alternatives?

• Whether the roommates can share a printer or scanner and if they will need additional equipment to make this work

• Consider whether they can share their single high-speed internet connection

• Review the floor plan below before writing your essay




Chapter 7 focuses primarily on networking and described various types of networks, such as client/server networks, peer-to-peer networks, wired and wireless Ethernet networks, and power-line networks. Assume you are newly employed by a small business (50 employees) that desperately needs to computerize its offices, but does not have a lot of resources (technical expertise,...

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