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Table of Contents

Company Overview


The beginning

The Good and the Bad


Stock Price Analysis

Risk and Return Analysis

Hard work may pay off




Research In Motion Limited as part of the Tech industry they design, produce, and market wireless solutions for mobile communications market all over the world. RIM has offices located in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. RIM deal sin platforms and solutions for access to information, including email, voice, instant messaging, short message service, Internet and Intranet-based browsing, and multimedia content by means of developing integrated hardware, software, and services. RIM BlackBerry smart phones use wireless, push-based technology to send data to mobile users, corporate and consumer applications. RIM BlackBerry smart phones include the BlackBerry Bold series, the BlackBerry Torch series, and the BlackBerry Curve series, and the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. The company’s entire BlackBerry series as a whole deals in a variety of solutions and comprise BlackBerry enterprise server, BlackBerry enterprise server express, BlackBerry mobile voice system, and hosted BlackBerry services. RIM also provides if needed a development platform that allows a third party commercial and or firm software developers to build and position custom applications to run on BlackBerry smart phones, as well as products and technologies to third party developers, wireless carriers, and enterprise customers to develop, sell and manage these applications, this is also the case for software development tools. RIM also provides the BlackBerry Messenger Social Apps Platform; (BBM) payments, advertising, location, analytics, as well as other services, also including the BlackBerry App World that allows customers to discover and download and purchase applications. Research In Motion sells its BlackBerry phones and wireless solutions through global...