The Impact of Hiv and Aids on Education, Health, Households and Gender.

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1. The impact of HIV and Aids on Education, Health, Households and Gender. 2. How development factors can deal with the impact of HIV and Aids on development. |

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Table of Contents


Impact on Education 2

Impact on the Health Sector 3

Impact on Households 4

Impact on Gender 5

Impact of HIV and Aids on development6


List of Sources8


Since 1981, when the first cases of AIDS were diagnosed, the world has been facing the deadliest epidemic in modern history. Nearly 30 years after the start of the epidemic, mortality caused by AIDS has attained orders of magnitude comparable to those associated with other visitations of pestilence. The AIDS pandemic confronts us with a full range of development issues . . . issues of poverty, entitlement and access to food, medical care and income, the relationships between men and women, the relative abilities of states to provide security and services for their people, the relations between the rich and the poor within society and between rich and poor societies, the viability of different forms of rural production, the survival strategies of different types of household and community, all impinge upon a consideration of the ways in which an epidemic such as this affects societies and economies" (Barnett and Blaikie 1992:5). HIV/AIDS will have long-term effects on families, communities, enterprises, agriculture and the well-being and economic future of society as a whole. Where the disease gained an early foothold and has had the time and opportunity to spread, the consequences are already apparent. As more countries experience outbreaks of the disease, the effects in today’s high-prevalence countries are likely to be played out in settings all over the world.

Impact on Education

Like every other sector of the social and economic life of an AIDS-afflicted country, the education...