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Marketing quiz |

 iPod iPhone iPad iMac |

1. No quiz on this topic would be complete without a question about Apple, the company arguably responsible for firmly entrenching the "i" prefix into the cultural zeitgeist of the late Nineties and the Noughties. Which one of these products was the first to be produced and marketed by Apple with an "i" at the start of its name? |

 iPod iPhone iPad iMac |

2. Cable news giant CNN applied the "i" prefix to its citizen journalism program, which was launched in 2006 to allow ordinary members of the public to submit content for breaking news stories. What was the name given to this initiative? |

 iTube iSqueal iReport iMagine |

3. American cable channel Nickelodeon jumped on the "i" bandwagon in 2007 with the name of its original sitcom about a teenager who hosts her own web show from her apartment with the help of her two best friends. What was this television show called? |

 iChing iCaramba iCandy iCarly |

4. In 2001, Californian dot-commer DigiScents, Inc. developed a product that would enable Internet users to engage their sense of smell while surfing the web, playing a computer game, or reading their e-mail. Sadly, the concept didn't get off the ground, and the product never progressed beyond the prototype phase. Perhaps the venture would have been more successful if the product had a better name. What unfortunate moniker did the company choose for this unique device? |

 iScent iSmell iSniff iSnort |

5. In 2007, a Scottish company called Touch Bionics adopted the "i" prefix in the name for its newly launched robotic prosthetic that served as a replacement body part. What did they call this groundbreaking product? |

 i-Limb i-Patch i-Lash i-Lid |

6. Fast food giant KFC bought into the whole iFad phenomenon in 2010 with the introduction of a new "taste sensation" throughout Europe and the Middle East. This sandwich was available in a variety of flavors, but was essentially a crispy chicken...

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