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Plumbing the depths of any technological tool is an extensive task in modern terms because the technology and the sciences behind them are advancing at a pace unconceivable by past cultures. Moore’s law states that processing power doubles every 18 months especially relative to cost and size. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary, 2012) Perhaps there is one Chinese story of ancient times that relates to this. A girl had saved the life of the Emperor of China and he granted her one request. The girl thought about it for a moment and asked that the Emperor give her village two grain of rice the first day and double that the next continuing it for an entire month doubling the amount each day. In a 30 day that amount comes to just over a billion grains of rice. It’s something one has to consider as we pass into each and every new day that the technology we have now is always advancing.

One of these technologies we are using more and more is Telecommunications. The Oxford Dictionary defines Telecommunication as “communication over a distance by cable, telegraph, telephone, or broadcasting.” (Oxford University Press, 2012) Since the telegraph we have advanced into a more modern form of this technology through high definition TVs, Smart Phones and digital transmissions have increased the ease and proliferation of using this technology to soaring heights of innovation. It is as simple as picking up a phone, dialing a number and anyone can be face to face with whoever they want and as more countries adopt and install the technologies needed, more and more workers and business meetings are being held and completed over information super highway. On this report we explore the technologies behind telecommunications and all its ramifications to today’s society and cultures.

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