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• Analyze the approaches to ethics discussed in Chapter 1 and determine which approach is the most appropriate for the greatest number of businesses. Explain your rationale.

I believe that the most appropriate approach for the greatest number of businesses is the Utilitarian approach. This analysis weighs the pros and cons of a decision and determines whether or not it is ethical if the result produces more good than harm. I believe this approach is the most appropriate because people that are not involved in the decision making process are still considered. Any person or persons that can possibly be affected by the decision is considered and the decision is made based on whether or not harm could be done to them or not. In the text, we learned that BP had the funds available, but due to cutbacks and the unlikelihood of an event such as an explosion occurring, opted to not install a back-up switch. Regardless of whether an explosion was unlikely or not, the conditions in which there could be one were indeed met, as the instability of the Gulf of Mexico is always a factor. Therefore, the people that could, or in this case would be affected, were not taken into consideration and many dealt with severe negative consequences.

When dealing with the Utilitarian approach, “the right way to behave in a given situation is to choose the alternative that is likely to produce the greatest overall good” (Halbert, Ingulli p 14). If all corporations and businesses considered the livelihood of the people before making decisions, the end result would continually remain positive. They would never have to deal with public uproars, boycotts, and negative stigma always being attached to their brand due to a mishap that could have been prevented. Instead, they would build a loyal customer base with only positive responses and consistent growth.

• From the e-Activity, discuss the major challenges you would anticipate in applying the approach to ethics in the company...

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