Nat Turner Revolt

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Nat Turner Slave Revolt
Publishing House, Chicago, Illinois, Copyright 1963 3. Friedman, Jesse; Nat Turner: Prophet, Visionary, Slave Revolt leader, Adu publishing inc., New York, New
Nat Turner
blacks did not join him because they feared the futility of his effort. The revolt was crushed within two days and Nat Turner managed to escape. The first report
Turner Revolt
abolitionist movement helped bring an end to slavery. Without the Nat Turner slave revolt the abolitionist movement would have never come about. Some people say
Nat Turner
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Black Religion

Dr. Michael Nabors


Nat Turner: Passion Rebellion

Freedom is defined as a state in which somebody is able to act and live as he or she chooses, without being subject to any undue restraints or restrictions. In the history of the United States there have been events that promoted freedom and some that have been against it. A popular American phrase that is known to be the foundation of the United States is “Land of the Free home of the Brave”. For this phrase to be known across the millions of U.S. citizens the history of the country has been made known. An influential character that fought on these very words during the period of slavery is going to be examined in the text. This influential character is known by Nat Turner. Nat turner is known as a slave that organized a rebellion that caused uproar in the slaveholding American society. With such brutality served in the institutionalized slave system Turner wanted to step up. Taking a look forward who, what, when, and why are questions that shall be answered as the text is read. Background information will be provided on Nat Turner for a better understanding of the man behind the systematic uprising known as “The Nat Turner rebellion” . The revolt to picture the anger held by the slaves will be presented as well. In addition, the connection of how this revolt had to deal with the development of African-American religion in the United States will be explored. All in all, the results of the rebellion in regards to its effect on American Society and Religion are topics that will be covered in the text.

During slavery of African-Americans in the United States there were many slaves that had no recognition of personal identities. any personal information such as name, age, height, weight, etc. were things not known by slaves. A slave by the name of Nat Turner surpassed this misfortune and created a name for himself. Turner was born October 2, 1800 in Southampton County, Virginia as a...

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