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The Colorado River

Colorado as the main river of the southwestern United States flows from the Rocky Mountains to the Gulf. The Colorado River is a main source of water for urban and agricultural areas. The United States has promised 9.1 percent of the rivers water resources to go to Mexico. Many issues have arisen since we are wastefully dumping the water instead of using the precious resources. There should be ways to prevent and fight for the rights of the people and the earth’s precious resources.

Wasted water is quite a large issue as those precious resources may be sent elsewhere or even sold. The companies and government that handles the water should have different networks they can send the water instead of dumping the resources. There is a war for water but when there is an excess the water does not get sold, instead it is dumped. Sharing or selling the water with Mexico or nearby states would help the distribution of the water. We can and should be able to better use our allocated resources to save energy instead of depleting the earth’s resources for no apparent reason. The better we take care of the earth the better it can take care of us for many years to come.

Many of us should not allow the government nor the greedy companies to dump the useful water resources. Prevention of the water dumped will help us reallocate our most useful resources elsewhere. Although it might be easier to dump the water, we can’t let the water go to waste. It is quite selfish to use what we need and dump the rest. There needs to be a fight for the proper use and storage of the water. We may start by protesting and trying to get our governors to pass a bill to save a large percentage of the water.

To start protesting we may all form small groups and educate others gradually. A growing presence of knowledge will gratefully help save the river. Selfish acts of dumping water should be prohibited as much as possible. Other means of distribution and...