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This news story is discussing the recent job numbers that have been released that show that unemployment figures have fallen to 7.8%. This is vital information for the presidential race that is currently being waged by both candidates as the unemployment rate has been a figure that has played a key role in the campaigns. The President stands by the improvements that have been made in the economy since he has come into office, while his challenger states that his policies have failed to make any differences. These figures play a large role because they are more likely to provide more of a boon to the President’s campaign while putting Mitt Romney’s claims of a failed presidency into question.

Yes, the reporting of the news story is clear and accurate giving plenty of information to the reader on the background of the economic situation and the current political campaign that is being impacted by the information. The article goes beyond just stating that the unemployment figures are under 8%, but gives details about where the figures were at in the past, the different implications of how this could impact the presidential race and why this information could be crucial for voters when it comes time for them to make their own decision. It also goes into details on how these figures were calculated along with other signs of improvement that the reader is able to use to better understand what is being reported.

The news story does consider alternative perspectives and worldviews within it rather than just stating that the unemployment rate is down, and the economy is starting to show signs of recovery. The author gives the standpoint of the challenger, Mitt Romney. He feels that this number does not truly show the unemployment figures. It is his belief that there is not the same amount of individuals seeking a job in the market currently in comparison to how many individuals were looking for work when President Obama came into office. It is his opinion that the...