Country Music

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Sara Coffelt


September 25, 2011

Professor Brooks

Country Music

Country Music has been around since the early 1920’s, but it has changed a lot from the Golden Age of country music, to the contemporary country music that is used at present day. Some people think that country music is just for poor people and hillbillies but the music could be for anybody that likes the guitar, the piano, and drums. Some people country music it what they grew up on and like. Other people they have grew up on country music, but did not like the way that it sounded so they listen to different music. Country music has been around for more than half a century and that gives it a rich history, a role in music education, and a place in American culture.

Country music started in the 1920’s and did not become popular until the 1940’s for the “hillbilly music”. When speaking about country music a person has to specify about what era of country music they are talking about to know the type of music they are talking about. The writers of any country music are trying to find things. (Neal 2006) For example, Unanswered Prayers is by Garth Brooks and it is about a man that meets an old high school flame that prayed that he would get her as his. He is glad that the prayers want unanswered because he thanked God for his wife. Garth Brooks and his contemporaries transformed country music into everyman music. (Neal 2006) In 2002 and 2003 fans started to try to find down home, roots based country to do with pressures of economic recession, global terror, and political unrest that started alternative country music. (Neal 2006) Some popular artists in this era were Josh Turner, Brad Paisley, and Kenny Chesney.

Omnivores are people that will consume more types of cultures and more genres within any given culture. (Graham 2008) Omnivores will attend a museum, music show, sporting events, and country concerts. Univores are people that consume fewer cultures and one or two...

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