The Roles and Goals of Operations Management

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Health Care Operations Management Roles And Goals
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The Roles and Goals of Operations Management in Health Care

Melissa Jones

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The Roles and Goals of Operations Management in Health Care

Today’s business world is fast paced and ever changing. Every year new and improved technological advances are brought into the business world to help organizations become more efficient and effective, which allows them to compete with their competitors. Unlike most organizations, the health care industry has lagged in automation. Although some have upgraded and started implementing information systems, there are still a lot of facilities using older antiquated systems. Healthcare’s main objective is providing quality care to its patients and it is the job of operations management to determine the most efficient methods to provide patients with better care. This essay will define operations management, describe the roles and goals of a health care operations manager and which role is most important.

Operations Management

Operations management is an extremely important position in any organization. All organizations have objectives, goals and missions, but in order...

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