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The company I would most like to work is Apple, Inc. It is a great company. Now it has the highest market value. As a technology company, it is very difficult to reach the highest market value. Apple, Inc. Produce phones, media players, lap-tops, computers, etc. People can live without them, and also it has so many competitors. Apple, Inc. Beat traditional industries such as Exxon Mobil- an oil company, so it is unbelievable because people would spend on oil more or less.

The reason I wants to work for Apple, Inc. Is that, it is a unique company. Apple, Inc. Almost closed down, but later on, under Steve Jobs' lead, it becomes one of the biggest companies in the world. I also want to learn how they sell their products. It has its own marketing mode called hunger marketing. I want to learn how is works. Technology is also another reason. Whenever Apple launches new products. The latest technology will be using on that. The last reason is Steve Jobs. He is a legendary figure. Although he left her job, his spirit and characters will still stay in Apple, Inc. That's also what I want to learn.

Apple, Inc. Make most electronic devices like phones, computers. To make imperfect to be perfect is it's concepts. That's why the products are so popular. For example, the Iphone. Before it came out, Jobs had denied many designs until it's perfect. When it first came out, it made a cellular revolution. A big screen and a home button, came into eyes first, no keyboard. So simple perfect is Apple's style. The price is very high I think. For example, the Macbook Pro is $1,199 now. Other lap-tops are around $700. MacBook Pro is using the Apple's own operating system Macintosh. I don't know if it is worth or not. Because of Macintosh, the switching cost is very high. So I think a lower price will be better.

Apple is using hunger marketing. They don't launch a lot of products in the market even if they are out of stock. Especially when new products come out. People are...

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