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Manufacturing in China

In the United States, at the turn of the 20th century, workers labored in terrible conditions. Children worked 12 hour days and more. Also, Sweatshops were common, with workers locked into steam filled rooms in hazardous conditions. In addition medical care was not provided and overtime was unheard of. Wages were minimal. However, with the rise of labor unions factory life began to improve. Wages grew, conditions became more favorable to the employees and benefits were provided. However, this was in the United States and some other western nations. Abroad, many nations never industrialized. Those countries who did failed to maintain the standards set by the United States. As the 21st century loomed, many of these nations who had not industrialized did so with astonishing speed. China was largely agricultural 50 years ago with little manufacturing. Most of their manufacturing was confined to military purposes in the arms race. They industrialized, but never met the standards American Companies employ today.

In fact, factory workers in China work in terrible conditions, for little money and without appreciation, adequate care or time for relaxation. True reform is discouraged. No consideration is shown for the faceless workers, performing their tasks militantly and often to their own detriment (Daisey). While in China, Ira Daisey spoke to hundreds of workers who worked slavishly for upwards of 12 hours per day with little break. The assembly line can only proceed as fast as the slowest worker, so slow workers are fired (Daisey). Workers who complain are fired. Workers who speak to outsiders are fired. Workers who are injured on the job are not treated medically, and if their work capacity is hindered, they too are fired (Daisey).

While in China, Ira Daisey spoke to workers who performed repetitive tasks on a daily basis for hours on end. Some suffered crippling joint degeneration as a result. Present...

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