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What is now known as Trece Martires City use to be a Quintana? This was the largest most remote and one of the oldest barrios of Tanza, Cavite in the early 19th century, settlers from Indang, Amadeo, General Trias and Tanza and from nearby Batangas province came to inhabit Quintana. The first known settlers were the Arias, Asas, Alimento Erni, Ferrer, Lubigan, Salazar, and Villalobos families. The whole barrio of Quintana was a friar land of the Santa Cruz de Malabon Estate. From 1900-1930, the place was subdivided into cattle ranches and sugar farms owned by the Vallencias and Soriano families of Tanza. Just before the outbreak of world war two, the government awarded these lands to the tenant-occupants on an installment basis.

From settlement period to 1940’s, the educational aspect of life was greatly overlooked and neglected by the government and barrio leadership until the first public school was opened. From 1945 to 1953, the place continued to be wild rendezvous of lawless elements and wanted criminals because of its distance and absence of transportation and communication facilities. Because of this situation, the people became frustrated and many of them left the place.

“Elected City Mayors”

*Arudencio M. Panganiban


*Melencio L. de Sagun Jr.


*Melandres de Dagun


“Ex-Officio Mayors of Trece Martires City”

*dominador m. camerino

(1946-1954) (1973-1978)

*dominador l. mangubat


*delfin n. montano


*Lino D. Bocalan


*Juanito R. Remulla

(1979-1980) (1980-1986)

*Fernando C. Campos


“The Thirteen Martyrs of Cavite”

1. Eugenio Cabezas

2. Luis Aguado

3. Feliciano cabuco

4. Agapito Conchu

5. Alfonso de Ocampo

6. Maximo Gregorio

7. Mariano Inocencio

8. Jose Lallana

9. Severino Lapidario

10. Victoriano Luciano

11. Francisco Osorio

12. Hugo Perez

13. Antonio San Agustin

“General Information”

Land area 

3 917 hectares or 39.17...

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