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Specific task1. Perform a variety of administrative and clerical necessary to run an organization or assist an individual. 2. Developing and implementing new administrative systems 3. Ensuring specific staff levels to cover for absences and top in workload. 4. Overseeing the recruitment of new staff. 5. Handle travel and guest arrangements and may handle bills and paying vendors. 6. Writes and sends letter to persons working in house or outside the company. 7. Writing reports for senior management and delivering presentations.8. Organizes and maintains paper and electronic files. 9. Recording office expenditures and managing the budget.10. Uses a range of office software, Including emails, spreadsheets and database. | Task Dimensions A. SupervisionA. SupervisionA. SupervisionA. SupervisionA. SupervisionB. word ProcessingB. Word ProcessingB. Word ProcessingB. Word ProcessingB. Word Processing | Importance (% of times spent)30%20% | KSAO’s1. Knowledge in administrative and clerical procedures.. 2. Leadership ability 3. Knowledge of match the job to the people.4. Excellence in interpersonal and negotiating skills. 5. Knowledge in knowledge in principles and processes.6. Knowledge in writing letters with typing format.7. Good in reasoning ability 8. Knowledge in spelling and typing. . 9. Knowledge of accounting and principles and practices. 10. Skills in IT. | Importance for task(1-5 rating) |

Job context: Indoor type of job with cubicle or an office with proper business suit, focusing on the priorities identified by the...

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