Current State of Mobile Ip

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Current State of Mobile IP

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LaTayGa Cooper

Instructor: Jason Stalklosa

Intro to W-LAN/IT 241

Week 7

March 7, 2013

University of Phoenix

Current State of Mobile IP Page | 2

* What are the advantages and disadvantages of Mobile IP?

* The biggest advantage of mobile IP would be its mobility. In the earlier inventions of internet, mobility wasn’t widely available which limited the use of it, but with mobile IP’s users are able to roam freely when on the go, to different wireless connections when available. Mobile IP’s also can provide a seamless connection between networks, and can work wireless and wired networks. The biggest disadvantages of mobile IP are the security issues of being on the go and dealing with fraudulent CoA and hackers.

* What are the typical installations of Mobile IP?

* Mobile IP’s are mostly found in wireless devices since they provide mobility. Items such as laptops, cell phones, and tablets to name a few are all devices that have or can have mobile IP’s to provide the continuous connection that the user needs.

* Do you think Mobile IP will increase in popularity? Why or why not?

* Yes, I do feel that mobile IP will continue to increase in popularity in years to come. Users want to be able to have internet access wherever they are and mobile IP’s will continue to allow this feature. Being restricted is a thing of the past, as more things are becoming wireless, and more technology is evolving each day, from Wi-Fi to Wi-Max a continuous connection is needed during this evolution.


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