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#10 Chicago Directors paid for YouTube views

Say it isn’t so? In 2012 we’ve seen local stars flourish into YouTube sensations which transcended into major label deals. The music was infectious, but was it a dexterous marketing scheme operated by Chicago’s finest visionaries? Speculations surfaced earlier 2012 when popular Chicago director D.Gainz YouTube videos were receiving an astonishing 100K plus views simultaneously.

When asked about the fraudulent views rumors, he stated “It’s kinda stupid to me. I mean, if I could pay for views, I’d have a million views on every one of my videos. I got some videos on my page that only have 100 views. Some videos stuck at 3,000 that people don’t watch. Every video don’t got 400,000 views.” But the proof is in the pudding when it came to the musical content and innovative imagery, making the rumors an afterthought.

#9 The GBE/OTF members aren’t as equally as talented as Chief Keef

It’s safe to say that GBE doesn’t fall into the same field as the St. Lunatics. The Midwest swingers did receive a platinum plaque thanks to “Mr. Country Grammar” himself, but it’s a slim chance that those same fans aren’t anticipating solo albums from Slo Down and City Spud. The conglomerate of GBE/OTF highlights every member’s distinct and matchless style. Chief Keef is without a doubt the flagship artist, but its Lil Reese’s 5 word flow and Lil Durk’s incomparable use of the auto tune that makes the brand an even bigger entity. And we can’t forget when Fredo is in the cut, it’s an even scarier sight. The youngins are making aesthetic improvements into joining the ranks of other elite rap alliances.

#8 Young Chop is the only dope producer in Chicago

Young Chop took the rap game by storm in 2012 with his monstrous 808’s and menacing synths. He created a niche that was emulated by other producers not only locally but producers across the country. One thing that was overlooked in Chicago Hip Hop was that there are other dope producers...