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Running From God

From the minute he woke up in the morning, God consumed every minute of young Elie Wiesel’s life. Everyday Elie studied Talmud, and every night he went to the synagogue and wept over the destruction of the Temple. (Wiesel 3). Nobody had as much faith in God as Elie Wiesel did. As a young boy, that’s all he cared about: studying Kabbalah and getting closer to God. But, in an instant, his faith was shattered. “Never shall I forget those moments that murdered my God…” (Wiesel 34). Throughout his years at the various concentration camps, his disbelief in God was proved to him everyday.

“Why should I sanctify His name? The Almighty, the eternal and terrible Master of the Universe, chose to be silent. What was I to thank Him for?” (Wiesel 33). Since the first crack in his faith, Elie grew angry with God. How could He stand by while babies were being shot, hung, and burned? Elie blamed God for everything that happened to him and the Jewish people. When others would talk about Him, Elie’s anger escalated even more. He stopped praying, believing God was real, but doubting His absolute justice. (Wiesel 45)

Elie went from being the most faithful and loving man (to God), to despising and blaspheming His name. “And I, the former mystic was thinking: Yes, man is stronger, greater than God.” (Wiesel 67). Elie lost all hope for God to rescue him. Elie gave up on God when he needed Him the most.

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