Risk Management

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Enterprise Risk Management 2013:

Creating and Protecting Future Value

Monday, January 28, and

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hyatt Regency Toronto • Toronto

Boost enterprise performance

and resilience with forwardlooking ERM practices.

G. Wesley Gill

Chris Humeniuk

William N. Onuwa

Rob Quail

Executive Lead

and Head

Governance, Enterprise

Risk Management

and Compliance SAS

Institute (Canada) Inc.

President and Chief

Executive Officer

Community Trust


Executive Vice-President

Global Insurance

Risk Management

RBC Insurance


Enterprise Risk


Hydro One Inc.


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Sponsored by:

Learn how to improve

your ERM program’s


Find out how leaders in a variety of sectors are enhancing their ERM practices

to create and protect corporate value,


RBC Insurance on how to evolve

ERM practices to generate and sustain business value

Hydro One sharing a new approach

for articulating risk appetite and

how the concept of risk appetite has

evolved in the company

Kinross Gold on its understanding

of medium- and long-term global

risks, and how it uses this knowledge

to inform management’s decisions


The Deposit Insurance Corporation of

Ontario leading an interactive discussion on establishing and fulfilling the

Board’s risk oversight responsibilities

Get practical advice on

improving ERM buy-in and


Hear how other senior risk experts are

evolving their ERM culture and programs

to fully realize ERM’s potential to deliver

proactive and effective risk management. Find out how scenario analysis

can help you understand the implications

of threats and opportunities, explore

options for dealing with potential risks,

and detect and evaluate emerging risks.

Can your organization anticipate and

respond to today’s and tomorrow’s risks

quickly and effectively?

ERM’s goal...

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