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A Case Study of Technology


Executive Summary:

The Internet technology has a dramatic impact on our work lives almost in every organisation whether it is virtual or real. It has changed how we communicate with each other and with our clients and other organisations. The Internet network was very small at the beginning when it started as a part of United States defence project known as ARPANET (Advanced Research Project Agency) and today it transformed to this giant Internet and affects every part of our work life. Employees of today are well satisfied with using internet and they believe that internet has made their job a lot easier than before. Most employees at our workplace believe that internet has a great impact on their social lives and the way they communicate with their friends and relatives. Professional Social networking Sites like LinkedIn and Twitter are helping people to connect to other professional in the same areas. Using internet at work place also facilitates freedom of speech. The internet has biggest advantage of offering businesses to connect to customers worldwide and thus generating turnover and huge profits. The most valuable part in internet is web advertising. Using internet can results in increasing organisation productivity and users should not use internet for non productive uses. The internet we will have in 2020 will be completely different from what we have now in regards to access of information and device we connect and we cannot predict what it will look like after some years.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary: 2

Introduction: 4

1. Definition: 4

History of Internet 6

2. Impact of internet on my work place 9

The Social Impact of internet on work life: 10

The economic impact of internet on work life 12

The Environmental Impact of Internet on work life 13

3. How internet is managed in our work place and is it effective 13

Future of Internet and how will it change future of our workplace...