China Xbm High Efficiency Mining Ball Mill

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China xbm High Efficiency Mining Ball Mill

Detailed Product Description

Mining Ball Mill:

1.High Quality&Energy -saving;

2.Both dry & wet grinding types;

3.Easy to installtion;

4.Used for ore.

Features Of Mining Ball Mill:Use of large diameter double row self-aligning roller bearings, instead of the original tile-type alloy sliding bearing, reducing friction and reducing energy consumption, mill easy to start.Application Of Mining Ball Mill:Mining ball millis agrindingmachine to grind all kinds of ironore and other materials.which is widely used in powder-making production line including minerals cement, silicate, new-type building material, refractory material, fertilizer, iron ore dressing of ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal, glass ceramics, etc.Technical Parameters OfMining Ball Mill: ModelDrum sizeSpeedBall WeightFeed sizeOutput sizeCapacityPowerWeightmr/mintmmmmt/hkwtMQZ09180.9×1.838.81.920-200.074-0.60.4-2.14225.34MQZ12241.2×2.4314.80-200.074-0.60.4-6.85513.43MQZ12451.2×4.5315.20-200.074-0.61.6-127517.4MQZ15301.5×327.58.10-250.074-0.42.9-16.59518.6MQZ15571.5×5.729.2150-250.074-0.44-2513024.54MQZ16451.6×4.527.5140-250.074-0.44-2413026MQZ18361.8×3.623.9110-250.074-0.48-4015533MQZ18641.8×6.423.918.50-250.074-0.48-6021035.6MQZ21302.1×323.819.80-250.074-0.46.5-3621045MQZ21362.1×3.623.8270-250.074-0.48-6121046.8MQZ22652.2×6.521.6280-250.074-0.48-3524062MQZ24302.4×32222.50-250.074-0.47-9224067MQZ24362.4×3.622280-250.074-0.47-9524073MQZ24652.4×6.52236ball mill0-250.074-0.47-11031076MQZ27362.7×3.621.9390-250.074-0.413-14540077MQZ27402.7×4.021.9430-250.074-0.413-15040091MQZ28362.8×3.620420-250.074-0.415-14040094.2Note:1, the above mining ball mill total weight does not contain the motor;

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