Women Managers

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Women Managers
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Running head: A Woman’s Style

A Woman’s Style of Management

Annette R. Jones

Webster University


Change seems to be forthcoming in the managerial aspect of the workforce placing women into positions that require them to use trial and error in order to grasp a style that allows them to reach a common goal, as well as, succeed. Charlotte Redden Hamilton, Ph.D. has embraced the transformational style of management that peaks the interest of many women in managerial positions. Whereas the transactional style of management is widely adopted in the workforce some research has indicated that it is more effective for women to emphasize its counterpart. Although there are many styles of leadership, research provides awareness that women are employing the more subtle approach at managing their employees.

A Woman’s Style of Management

As women take control of their own destiny and come into their own style of management, they have discovered that transformational leadership works best for them. Transformational leadership involves establishing oneself as a role model by gaining followers’ trust and confidence. A transformational leader is goal oriented and will use many methods to promote upward mobility in the workplace. By mentoring and empowering followers, such leaders encourage them to develop their full potential and thus to contribute more effectively to their organization (Antonakis, Cianciolo and Sternberg, 2004). According to Powell and Graves (2003), there are four characteristics of a transformational leader: (1) Charisma – They’re admired, respected, and trusted. Subordinates identify with and want to emulate. They consider their followers needs over their own needs. They share risks with their subordinates and are consistent in conduct with their underlying ethics, principles, and values; (2) Inspirational Motivation –They behave in ways that motivate those around them providing meaning and challenge to their...

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