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Best Buy

Describe the product/service and marketing situation.

The service I have chosen is Best Buy retail stores and what they use to represent. When Best Buy first came out they were the only ones around that would let you turn up the radio as loud as you wanted while given you a chance to see every television that they have for sale in one store. They were innovative on every aspect of electronics. I can remember the lines to just get in the store when they first came out. Everyone was going to Best Buy and everyone was buying from Best Buy. Best Buy did not just have the best selection though, they also had the best prices around in electronics. Best Buy had such a great business plan that they completely took over the electronic market in what seemed like over night. In the last few years though, Best Buy has struggled to compete with the online sector. (Heller 2011) Best Buy needs to remember what made their name for themselves by being the innovator in the electronic retail world and start being the most innovating electronic company for the online sector.

Select at least three (3) different media to use and explain why you think this combination would be effective for the target market and product. 

The first media that I would use is Youtube. Youtube has become one of the greatest search engines as long with the greatest place to watch thousands of different videos. Many companies have started taking advantage of how many millions of people watch Youtube during the day by having their commercials run before popular videos. Millions of people also use Youtube for instructional videos. How great would it be to run a Best Buy commercial before someone watches a video on how to set up your home theatre system? This will automatically put the image of Best Buy when they think about their theatre system.

The second media I would use Groupon has made many struggling companies profitable again by how many...

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