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This essay has been designed to explain the variation that region has on the style of wine. The region of choice here is Marlborough in New Zealand. The scope of this essay is to identify the different factors which add towards the variation of region evident in the variety of grapes. These factors are six in number and include soil, climate, vinification, viticulture and vintage variation. When all these factors are examined it would become easy to know that even though the grapes used in most of the wines might be the same but the texture and taste that each of these wines have to offer to the palate is a lot different (Weil 2007).

Grape variety in Marlborough

Marlborough is that region of New Zealand which is located in the north east part of the South Island. Marlborough is an authority which is unitary incorporating region as well as district along with the council being located at the region of Blenheim.

The claim of starting wine industry in New Zealand can be made on this particular region as the region deciphers interesting wine. The total vineyard area is around 62 %.

This particular region is known for its grape variety. The most planted variety of the region is Sauvignon Blanc. Along with this variety, the region is also known for Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Riesling. These are the most common grapes which grow in this region as the region of Marlborough has a free, draining, alluvial loam soil along with gravels offering sub- soils in the regions where grapes grow in Marlborough.

Climate Information on Marlborough

Marlborough is usually known for its dry climate and there is an evident contrast between the sunny days which are too hot and the nights which are too cold which help in extending the period of ripening of the grapes like nowhere else on the globe. This results in a unique expression of the grapes to be produced. During the summers, the weather is quiet warm, dry as well as settled whereas in the winters...

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