Foundations of Leadership

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Values in Leadership

Bonijean Ramos

Grand Canyon University: PSC 410-Servant Leadership

July 25, 2012

In my life, I have so many values that I require myself to live by. I think that values and morals are important to live by in a person’s personal life as well as in their professional life. Some of the most important values I hope to live by in my leadership role are honesty, compassion, grace, trust and strength. I believe these values will make me a better leader and I will earn respect from people if I abide by these values. When it comes to honesty, I want to be an open book with my co-workers and employees. I want them to feel like they can trust me and can talk to me about any concerns or problems without feeling ridiculed. I want them to feel involved with decisions and I will do this by talking honestly with them. I will have compassion for my fellow employees as well as the company in which I work. I want to have compassion for other people’s feelings and have a pride in the company that I work for. I want people to see me as being graceful and strong also. I do not want to be somebody who is looked at as being unorganized or messy, but headstrong, detailed and graceful. I like to make the harder things look easy and that requires organization and strength. I require myself to be seen as strong, mind and soul! These are my values. I carry them with me in my employment and in my personal life.

Ken Blanchard mentions that good leaders value results and relationships (pg.278). I believe that if I were to abide by these values they will create results and positive relationships. Without good relationships in the work place, people seem to work against each other and do not get the results needed for the company.


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