Accounting Organizational Chart

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Jennifer Padellaro

Associate Director of Accounting Services |

Responsible for the accuracy, integrity and timely reporting of accounting records to the campus community and System Administration.Duties and responsibilities include: * The maintenance of the Finance System for the Campus. * Assist with the maintenance of the Accounts Receivable System (student accounts and non-student accounting records). * Direct Loan reconciliation. * Supervise and review work of staff accountant, clerk 1 and student employees. * Perform review of general ledger accounts to include writing queries and analyze data and prepare adjusting journal entries. * Prepare revenue projections and input into budget system in Albany. * Backup for stop payment process at bank. |

Crystal Hallenbeck

Assistant University Financial Analyst |

Responsible for assisting the accounting supervisor with the accuracy, integrity, and timely reporting of accounting records to the campus community and System Administration.Duties include: * Assist with weekly, monthly and quarterly reports to include Revenue Collection Reporting and Quarterly Reporting to System Administration. * Perform daily bank reconciliation procedures. * Reconcile financial aid accounts. * Reconcile Easy Money account to BASC. * Supervise student employees to include overseeing lost and stolen report, quarterly report, emergency loan reconciliation, and records retention. * Provide backup and review of Banner setup for new Accounts Receivable codes. * Assist with campus internal control functions. * Aid in completing other general office functions. |

Ellen Tobin

Clerk 1 |

Duties and Responsibilities include: * Maintaining daily spreadsheets related to bank reconciliation. * Preparation of bank reconciliation. * Perform daily cash reconciliation procedures. * Setting up and posting miscellaneous journal entries (wire transfers). * Initiating stop payments of checks with local...

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