Characteristics of Expository Essay

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The Art of Cookery

The characteristics that make this essay expository is how all details are expressed in this essay, from how the forks and knives are placed to what type of dinnerware to use because of the effect it may have on your guest. The organization this author used was to recognize the topic first, informative process, space order then time order. I think the author choose this type of organization for the essay because of the step by step directions that this author is providing. The organizational choices make this essay effective because of the step process the author takes to inform readers and grasp their attention with the content and topic. I don't think the author could have achieved a better response with a different expository essay.

Cochlear Implants

The characteristics that make this essay expository is how the author talks about the different effects an cochlear implant can have on an individual versus implantable hearing aid. The author explains how a cochlear implant stimulates the auditory nerve with electricity. The organization the author used was presenting the topic, informative process, space order and then time order. I think the author chose this order for this essay because of how the author needs to convey the information to his/her audience. The author explained what the topic was about first then went on to explain the difference in the two objects. The organization makes this essay effective because of the format the author uses to notify and relay information to his/her audiences. If the author would have chosen a different organization the essay would have been worth reading if you are not an individual with a hearing lost. However, the author could have intrigued his/her readers with material that all her readers can relate to.

The essays are alike because of the organization that they have alike and the detailed information provided in the essays. The essays are different in the messages each author is looking...