Religious and Ethnic Groups

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Racial Diversity: Historical Worksheet

Answer the following questions in 100 to 250 words each. Provide citations for all the sources you use.

• Throughout most of U.S. history, in most locations, what race has been in the majority? What is the common ancestral background of most members of this group?

I would think that because of history and throughout the U.S. it would have to be the “white” race. Though they are not the majority because of their numbers, but because of their social standards. Their ancestral background comes from their European cultures and customs. Their coming to this country, because they wanted to be able to govern themselves.

• What are some of the larger racial minorities in U.S. history? What have been the common ancestral backgrounds of each of these groups? When did each become a significant or notable minority group?

Some of the larger racial minorities in this countrys’ history would have to be the Native Americans and the Blacks(African Americans). The Native Americans who came to this country by way of Asia. They travelled through what is now known as Alaska to be the first ones to come to this country(as told through our history) before the Europeans...were declared as Native Americans by the government, they were forced to live on government sanctioned reservations, made to learn about Christianity, and give up their traditions and customs and religions. African Americans came from Africa, brought here by the Europeans. Because of skin color, were worked as slaves. Slavery was finally abolished, and banned by Congress.

• In what ways have laws been used to enforce discrimination? Provide examples. These laws were intended against which racial minorities?

Actions of the courts and prison systems which discriminates against Blacks and Hispanics were given longer sentences, their neighborhoods were targeted, and racially profiled. The laws used to enforce discrimination: the...