Communication in the Planning Process

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Communication in the Planning Process


HCA 421 – Ashford University

Betsey Morthland

January 16, 2012

Communication in the Planning Process

Communication in a healthcare setting plays a major role in the processes of planning, organization, and strategizing. This important component facilitates coordination between individuals and departments. In today’s healthcare industry, management and delivery has become uneven and complex; however, it is required that healthcare organizations are well coordinated in order to provide quality in services. Furthermore, in order for continuity of quality services, managers must utilize effective communication which will disperse throughout various services and/or departments.

According to Moseley (2008), a planning system or program is described as a preparation that transitions to a strategic plan. Its implementation cannot be an incidental, casual responsibility of employees, especially those who are primarily involved with day-to-day operations of the organization. Through this, the organization is able to implement its other strategic assets. In addition, the system must serve the best interest of the organization, following the organization’s visions and goals. Managers and employees must also understand the system to be fair and reliable.

Consumers continue to look for quality services. With this major expectation of patients, healthcare providers and organizations are now (more than ever) expected to organize and coordinate their services and policies to address such issues. Strategic planning also plays a crucial role as far as organizing is concerned. To this end, communication stands as an important tool for the development of strategic plans.

The structure of today’s healthcare has been broken up and caused difficulty in successful planning and delivery of health services. At the administrative level, organizations are barely capable of handling continuous scrutiny, which results...