Explain How to Promote Equality and Value Diversity of Service Users

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Task 2 Theme 2

Explain how to promote equality and value diversity of service users



Stereotyping is where people are grouped based on how they look or how they act. Stereotyping is mainly done based on people’s appearances. Everyone stereotypes, even if they do not mean to, it is just natural. An example of stereotyping can be an idea from the media and the views on women. The media try to portray that women who are tall and slim are beautiful. Although this might not be true, it still has its effects on people.

Stereotyping is also about grouping, nowadays people are often classed as being things such as ‘emos’ or ‘chavs’ There is no actual thing, but these are all forms of stereotyping.

People stereotype about people from their looks, gender, race, sexuality etc.


When a person is prejudice it means that they are making an early judgement about someone, something or a group of people.

Prejudice can be positive or negative and is not based on anything, if a person is being prejudice towards someone it means that they assume something about them but they have no knowledge about the person or what they are actually judging them on.

When you are prejudice it means you are completely subjective where you pre-judge someone.


Discrimination is a judgement made about people that is usually based on people’s appearances. Discrimination comes in two forms: Direct discrimination and indirect discrimination. Discrimination is usually not very nice and is when a person is treated unfairly because of how someone else feels about them. Discrimination can be seen as a worse form of prejudice. Discrimination is an action; it is what you do about your thoughts on someone or something, usually in a bad way.

An example could be that you own a shop and a woman wearing a burka comes in so you decide to kick her out as you do not want her in the shop because of how she is dressed.

This is a form of discrimination as...