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|Top-Level Objects |Communicates With |Incoming Messages |Outgoing Messages |

|Central Computer |Communicates with the door, |Incoming messages are from the user |Outgoing messages tell the generator|

| |microwave generator, control panel, |(power, timing, etc), also from the |to begin making the waves, the |

| |the display screen, and other |door, which tells the central |spinner to spin, displays things on |

| |important features of the microwave.|computer if the wave generator is |the screen. |

| | |safe to go on. | |

|Door |Communicates with the central |No incoming messages (except from |Outgoing messages whenever the door |

| |computer to be sure that you can |the user who can open and close the |is opened or closed, it must inform |

| |only turn the device on if the door |door). |the CPU so that the device turns off|

| |is closed. | |when the door is opened. An outgoing|

| | | |message goes to the display screen |

| | | |to say it the door is open or |

| | | |closed. |

|Control Panel/Display Screen...

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