Relationship Between Personal Responsibility and College Success

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Relationship between Personal Responsibility and College Success



April 8, 2013

Melody Van Fossen

Relationship between Personal Responsibility and College Success

Taking consideration on the upbringing to nurture his or her on understanding responsibilities clearly would give someone the chance for success in education during his or her lifetime. The relationship of personal responsibility and college success closely mirrors one another. Personal responsibility enables one to set footprints or develop its own life and determine what and how to make decisions to improve themselves. College success determines how personal responsibility plays out. There are factors, which includes determination and dedication that a person must exercise to achieve reachable goals. Applying these factors in one’s personal life will lead to a successful college education.

My definition for personal responsibility means to be accountable for one’s actions, to have self-control, and discipline. Responsibility can mean various things depending on a person’s life situations. Often times one blames themselves when failure to meet the standards put in front of them and does not go as plan (Haskins, 2009). Every individual changes responsibilities as they mature in age. Challenges always exist in everyday life to achieve goals no matter what the size.

Throughout one’s childhood, responsibility for getting homework and chores done after arriving home from school was priority number one for example. Observing how the stepfather took care of the family, as the child gets older, and the way he worked hard to ensure no one would ever need anything, has created a lasting impression to this present day. Witnessing this firsthand definitely makes that child realize that they would be accountable for his actions. The English definition of “accountable is subject to the obligation to report, explain, or justify something; responsible; answerable”...