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Boom Towns Of The Amazon
and environmental changes rapid urbanization in the Amazon has been overlooked. As I mentioned earlier, the Amazon basin is considered the last frontier
Amazon Rainforest: Issues
that, and lots of it too. Bit if we go about tapping the resources of the Amazon in a more efficient way, perhaps we can salvage enough of it to continue serving as
is what forms the unique life style of the people of the Amazon River. The climate around the Amazon River is usually tropical; this region spans the globe along
The Yanomamo Of The Amazon Basin
Chagnon has spent about 60 months since 1964 studying the ‘foot people' of the Amazon Basin known as the Yanomamo. In his ethnography, Yanomamo, he describes all of

Submitted by to the category Business and Industry on 07/20/2013 09:42 AM is the largest on-line retailer in the world. Created in 1995, was created as an on-line book store, but has grown to feature CD’s, DVD’s, games, toys, and other retail products sold through its website. has separate websites for more than seven different countries, with warehouses and call centers located throughout the world. has yearly revenue stream of over $48 billion dollars, and employs over 68, 000 employees. has the most visited website of any retailer on the internet. is a bookstore without walls, all products are ordered and sold via the internet, and customers receive or return their items through general post or package shipping. has grown exponentially since its inception, selling thousands of products to customers, offering expedited shipping options, and its own internet company credit card. has succeeded when other companies have failed. “According to Efuture center (2008) some types of goods are ideal for selling over the Internet; others are less suitable. For example, aims to make book buying fast and easy. Most people buy books based on the information contained on the jacket, or after reading a book review. Or, they may simply like the previous work of the author. Because all of this information can be displayed effectively on an e-business, selling books over the web works well.” (Heydari, A., Teimouri, M., Jamehshooran, B., 2011) has altered the way in which customers shop and purchase. “While the last few years have witnessed the emergence of a vibrant research stream about social networks, less attention has been given to the analysis online product networks. This is especially surprising given their ubiquity and potential influence on business.” (Oestreicher-Singer, G., Sundararajan, A., 2012) has revolutionized on-line shopping. Many traditional brick and mortar companies use the internet as an...

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