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Check Point Assignment: Persuasive Memo


To: Charlotte Alexander, Owner and Founder of DIGIFAST

From: Project Manager- Sasha Fierce

Date: July 03, 2010

Subject: How small changes can affect DIGIFAST /River Valley Plaza in a big way

This memo is being sent to help show the importance of adding a coffee shop to the main lobby and centralized break room to the River Valley Plaza. In addition, we are proposing to add small break areas to each floor of the building. According to my research, these additions will assist to build customer relations, increase employee satisfaction and in turn we will see increase of interest from outside vendors inquiring about leasing the additional space we have available.

How will this modification benefit DIGIFAST?

The greatest advantage of this project is what it will do for the employees of our company and the tenants of River Valley Plaza. Adding something as simple as a coffee shop with wireless access with a comfortable lounge area for visitors and outside vendors will be a great benefit to our company and other tenants as well; I am excited about this project because I know that happy employees make productive employees. Productivity increases the bottom line.

What are the features and benefits to the additions?

People are busy. Many days we run out the door, never thinking about breakfast or lunch. Let’s just imagine the positive reaction to relocating the break room to the 3rd floor and fully functional kitchen area where you can go and sit down for lunch or breakfast. Large comfy couches, big screen TV’s and smaller meeting areas adorn the break area providing comfort to our employees while also providing a meeting place for new customers when the conference room is already occupied. Each floor will also have individual break areas complete with refrigerators, microwaves and vending. The main lobby will have a cozy coffee shop stocked with gourmet coffee and beverages, pastries and selection of...