Religious Groups

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Religious groups are all different in many ways for instance the Church of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) they believe in the bible as other religious groups but they also have additional parts to the bible at the back called the Book of Mormon. This portion is what they believe the Prophet Joseph Smith had spoken to him from heavenly messengers over a ten year period and he wrote what they had told him. This is different from other religious groups as well. They have strong family beliefs which I would have to say are consistent with other religious groups. They worship different than other religious groups in that those that do not live in Utah they are divided in to groups and assigned a time to which they can attend church then in the church they watch the satellite of the church in Utah. They take a day a week and dedicate that time to family time only which means on this day they interact with family only even if this day falls on a holiday they keep to it. Mormons as others have members that travel and spread the word in neighborhoods which last from about eighteen months to two years. Mormons differ in several ways from other religious groups but in the end they have several aspects that are the same.

Mormons have and tend to be looked upon as a cult like group by others that do not share the beliefs or practices. Mormons due to their practices which are extremely different from other religions as well the fact that only Mormons are allowed inside the temples make others view them that they are hiding something from the rest of us. Even the fact that they baptize the dead has people wanting to stay away from them and those church members that do leave the Church of Latter-Day Saints are not to return and are cut off from everyone. By these actions others label the Mormons and believe that they are trying to convert everyone to their religion. Mormons have contributed to the American culture by being hard working and honest. By the Mormons...