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Field Study 3

Technology in the Learning Environment

Episode 1

The School’s Learning Resources

Table 1. Learning Resources available at the school according to location


* Computers with internet connection * Television * Projector * CD/DVD Player * Books, Magazines, Newspapers * Science Apparatus * Home Technology Facilities * Photocopier * Musical instruments | * Computer Lab * Audio-visual room * Audio-visual room * Audio-visual room * Library * Science Laboratory * TLE room * Registrar’s Office * Church and audio-visual room |

Table 2. Learning resources classified according to their functions and characteristics


* Charts/Diagrams * Flashcards * Maps * Chalkboards * Television * Projector * CD/DVD Player * Books, Educational magazines, Newspapers * Science Apparatuses * Home Technology Facilities * Church/Chapel * Photocopier * Musical Instruments * Computer Lab | * Has variety of forms (colorful, and has standard size) * Has exact size for pupils’ viewing, colorful * Large maps for easy access of the different locations * Green board, standard size, smooth surface * 26 inches, colored, in good condition * LCD and OHP * Still in shape and working * Plenty of copies enough for the pupils * In good condition for science activity purposes * Clean, equipments are in good condition * Clean, well-ventilated, holy * Produces clear copy * Well maintained * Has fast access to internet connection | * It aids information for quick and easy learning. * It aids information for quick and easy learning. * Use in social studies such as history for locating places * Use for writing or board exercises * Use as E-learning * Use for presentations * Use for E-learning and dance * Use as additional reference * Hands-on experimental activities * Hands-on...

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