Hrm506A Assessment 2

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BSBHRM506A Manage Recruitment and selection Process

Assessment Task 2

Recruitment and Selection Consultation


PappaRich Group was established in 2005 with its first outlet in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Today, PappaRich has grown rapidly internationally. They are emerging as a player in the local and international food and beverage industry.

* Location and Future direction

There are currently 6 outlets in Australia at the moment. For Melbourne – QV (CBD), Doncaster, Chadstone, Nunawading and Glen Waverley. The latest outlet is located in Chatswood, Sydney. With a total of 5 outlets in Melbourne and 1 outlet in Sydney so far, our focus has now shifted into expanding to the various other states in Australia.

* Product and Services

The popularity of PappaRich internationally, is attributed largely to the introduction of its high quality food offerings such as freshly-made roti canai, traditional Hainan bread with kaya and butter, satay, nasi lemak, fried kuey teow, curry laksa, chicken rice and many more!

* Human Resource

PappaRich is currently seeking these three types of employees:

1. Floor Staff

2. Drinks Bar Staff

3. Kitchen Hand

* Survey Report

Existing HR Policies and Procedures:

1. Outlet managers will take major responsibility for the recruitment and selection of staff, the training of required personnel and supporting documentation.

2. Position analysis will be conducted on all vacant and new positions.

3. All vacant and new positions will be advertised internally first and then externally for a maximum timeframe of 20 days, unless special exemptions apply.

4. All interviews must be conducted in the restaurant with the outlet manager being present.

5. The interview should layout the salary and other employee benefits.

Survey Questionnaire

This is the survey questionnaire and completed by 5 stakeholders from PappaRich. From this we can see the current and...

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