The Last Samurai Reaction Paper

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Limor Kristine E. Teng

Reaction Paper: The Last Samurai

The Last Samurai, directed by Edward Zwick, is an interesting and heart-warming movie. When our professor mentioned this movie to us, I don’t have any idea about what the plot or the story would be. I also don’t have any idea about Japanese history and their culture. However, my confusion and hesitation vanished when I started to watch the movie.

The scenes were amazing and the settings where Captain Algren was held captive were captivating. Also, the battle scenes were great. Every character in the story played their roles accordingly. The Japanese people there were well disciplined, compassionate, and calm. Their concentration on every aspect of their lives was something to be proud of. Their culture was well preserved and they live their lives peacefully. However, in every movie, there’s an antagonist. Omura, the main antagonist, was blinded by western influences that have brought problems to the small village of the samurais.

Captain Algren’s character also captured my attention. The inhumanities that he experienced during the wars against Native Americans, together with Colonel Bagley, brought an enormous change in his life. Realizing that Katsumoto, his supposed to be enemy was not an enemy at all. He even befriended Katsumoto’s family. The samurais’ way of life have helped Captain Algren learn important things that he can’t learn with his American or foreign buddies.

When I finished watching the movie, it had brought me different realizations and lessons in life. Surprisingly, I cried at the last part of the movie where Katsumoto killed himself as a sign of honor, and the remaining soldiers bowed down for him and for the rest of the samurais as a sign of respect. I have learned that in every challenge that we will face, getting up every time we will fall is what we need to do in order to live with contentment and serenity. Things that are worth fighting for are the values in life that we...