Utiliscan Case Analysis

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As I, Paul, conducted a survey for employees to take, I have noticed some areas of needs improvement. The areas of improvement will increase employee morale, safety, employee retention, and employee satisfaction. I have arranged the employees’ results based on least to most expensive in which Utiliscan should work to improve and make the appropriate accommodations.

Based on the survey results, 78% of employees said they were satisfied with their working conditions and they enjoyed their freedom and flexibility to perform their jobs without strict supervision. I am glad to see employees are still motivated to perform well and not because their supervisor has them under the radar. Managers should manage and develop their employees’ skill level well enough to know they will always perform their job duties without being micromanaged. Employees do not want to feel their manager is always hovering over them to make sure work is completed. For the 22% of employees who feel the opposite, I would look into why employees are not satisfied with their working conditions. I would create a job design for each position so employees will know exactly what is expected from them at all times. If employees know what is expected as their job duties and what their manager expects from them, employees are likely to perform better. It is important each employee knows their job design because it can influence performance, job satisfaction, and both mental and physical health.

By developing an adequate job design, employees will be able to maintain their duties with effective time management. Time management will reduce the workloads for all employees especially the 30% that felt their workload was too heavy or too light. Once HR has a clear description what each position duties entails, HR will be able to accurately distribute work. This will create equilibrium for all employees, which minimizes stress levels from rising. HR can perform a job analysis in which will...