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  • Grand Canyon Statistics Exercise 16

    1. D. The chart displays the mean and standard deviations for the data set which is the best measure of central tendency and dispersion/spread respectively for...

  • Social Studies Interview And Standards Investigation

    STANDARDS INVESTIGATION Interview and Standards Investigation Sarah Woods Grand Canyon University EED 465 Curriculum, Methods, and Assessment: Social Studies...

  • Re: Re: Meaningful Social Studies Assignmen

    MEANINGFUL SOCIAL STUDIES Meaningful Social Studies Sandra A. Roland Grand Canyon University EED 570 Curriculum Assessment, and Methods: Social Studies Dr...

  • Strategies To Facilitate Comprehension

    Importance of Social Studies Standards Holly Hudson Patenge Grand Canyon University: EED 570 April 16, 2013 Introduction What are Standards and why are they...

  • Textbook Analysis: The American Journey

    JOURNEY Textbook Analysis The American Journey Michele C. Bennett Grand Canyon University: EED 465 January 22, 2011 Textbook Analysis: The American...

  • Leadership
    Leadership Theories in Education Sabrina Juan Grand Canyon University: EDA-575 March 13, 2010 Leadership Theories in Education In order for any school to
  • Lesson Plan Evaluation

    Evaluation Team Purple Tracy Walsh, Laquesha Wilkins, Tameka Yancey Grand Canyon University EED 503N- Curriculum & Methods: Mathematics November 24, 2010...

  • Celiac Disease - Research Project
    Celiac Disease Research Project Carla Hoffkins Grand Canyon University BIO 365: Biomedical Statistics February 16, 2013 Celiac Disease Celiac Disease is a
  • Leadership Teams Eda 577
    Leadership Teams Jasmine N. Turkvan Grand Canyon University: EDA 577 May 15, 2013 Leadership Team School Improvement Team: Problem to Address |Team
  • Social Studies Lesson

    Head: Social Studies Lesson Social Studies Lesson Angela Beehler Grand Canyon University EED-465 November 20, 2011 In the social studies lesson plan...

  • Country Ecomonic Analysis Report
    Country Economic Analysis Report Daniel Rojas ECO-601 Grand Canyon University August 15, 2012 It is said that Spain is the twelfth largest economic
  • Student Values And Morals Development

    : VALUES AND MORAL DEVELOPMENT Values and Moral Development Catherine E. Truelove Grand Canyon University EED-570 May 19, 2011 Values and Moral Development...

  • Eco Foam
    of Styrofoam Katie Bock, Shaylee Beswick, Jaime Barth, and Chadric Alston Grand Canyon University: ENT 435 November 12, 2012 Eco-Foam: The End of Styrofoam
  • Strategic Plan Essay
    Schools Strategic Plan Essay Petunia Wainwright Grand Canyon University: EDA 575 May 15, 2013 Abstract Education is a changing world that
  • Weekly Journal 1
    Weekly Journal 1 Cassandra Cash Grand Canyon University SPE 350 Special Education Litigation and Law July 1, 2013 What are at least five
  • Assessment And Educational Interventions For Students With Ld
    Assessment and Educational Interventions for Students with LD My Name Grand Canyon University: SPE-359- Characteristics of Learning Disabilities and Strategies
  • Due Process And Parental Right
    Shannon Lassiegne July 14, 2013 Grand Canyon University-SPE 350 Due Process and Parental Rights Due Process and Parental Rights Can you imagine a world
  • Organizational Structure
    Organizational Structure Daniel R Rojas Grand Canyon University Ken Blanchard College of Business Abstract In the 2001 one article by Hax and Maljuf
  • Journal
    SPE 357 Journal # 1 Kelli Miller Grand Canyon University: SPE 357 August 27, 2013 SPE 357 Journal # 1 Children with Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities
  • Reading And Writing Strategies

    WRITING Constructing Meaning through Reading and Writing Kathy Harris Grand Canyon University: EED-475 Curr. Mthd & Asmt: Literacy and Language...

  • Herllo
    Competency Test - Online Students on with Topics 10th October 2013 Grand Canyon University Accounting Business Ethics Business Finance Business Integration
  • Education Leadership
    Forming a Hypothesis Forming a Hypothesis EDA 577 Grand Canyon University Amy Thompson October 30, 2013 Forming a Hypothesis School improvement is
  • Hunt
    About Us tab located at the top. What is the vision and mission statement for Grand Canyon University? 7. Also under the About Us tab, locate the four pillars
  • Assessing a Student 1

    Assessing a Student Nicole A. Shattuck Grand Canyon University: EED-364 02-23-12 Assessing a Student Before...

  • Week 5 Assignment- Reasons/Trends For Lack Of Safety
    Trends/Reasons For Lack Of Safety: Essay Week 5 Charlotte Quinn Grand Canyon University: EDA-577 10-30-13 INTRODUCTION At ARMS, one of our biggest, and most
  • Servant Leadership
    Servant Leadership Rodrico A. James Grand Canyon University MGT 420 Janelle Couture June 15, 2013 Servant Leadership Leadership in a whole is a great trait
  • The Cognitive Behavioral Intervention Approach
    Cognitive Behavioral Intervention Approach Kim A. Lingle Grand Canyon University: SPE 357 November 30, 2013 The Cognitive Behavioral Intervention Approach
  • Breaking Down Isllc Standard 4
    * Kayte Anchors * * Brenna Allen * * Latasha Washington * * Grand Canyon University Online, EDA-534 * * October 9, 2013
  • Is Fair Value Accounting Really Fair?
    Fair Value Accounting Really Fair? Grand Canyon University: UNV-504 October 8, 2013 Is Fair Value Accounting Really Fair? Rodriguez Bolivar, M., & Navarro
  • Evolution In Schools
    Case Study: Student with Special Needs Michael Foudy Grand Canyon University Legal Issues in Education EDA 555 Dr. Joseph Veres November 21, 2013 Case Study

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