Suvarnabhumi Project Management Analysis

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Table of contents

1. Executive Summary Page 3

2. Introduction Page 4

3. Body of the Report Page 6

3.1 Project Initiation Page 6

3.1.1 Project Selection Page 6

3.1.2 Project Manager Selection Page 6

3.1.3 Conflict and Negotiation Page 7

3.2 Project Planning – budgeting and cost estimation Page 9

3.3 Project Planning – scheduling and resource allocation Page 11

3.4 Project Auditing and Project termination Page 13

4. Analysis and recommendations Page 14

5. Conclusion Page 16

6. Bibliography Page 17

7. Appendices Page 19

1. Executive Summary

Analysis of project management principles in relation to project initiation, project planning including budgeting and cost estimation, scheduling and resource allocation and finally project termination and auditing have been carried out concentrated on the Suvarnabhumi Airport Project in Thailand. Numerous factors affecting the outcome of the project have been highlighted and the adopted methods and principles of project management have been scrutinised.

The airport itself has been called the pride of Thailand, but project that delivered the airport lies under a cloud of doubt as to its effectiveness. Years of changes, political and economic turmoil, and personally motivated actions have left the shiny new airport tainted by controversy. The report delves into the consequences these inputs have had on the project, gives way for recommendations and provides vital learning’s in moving forward.

2. Introduction

Suvarnabhumi, meaning ‘the golden land” was the name chosen by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej for the new airport in Thailand. “It has been touted as Pride of Thailand” (Kamzin, A., 2007, p.9) being able to cater to a planned 45 million travellers through its gates per year. Although the gleaming facility is claimed to be the hub for global air travel in Asia, Thailand’s poor performance in planning...